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Experienced staff

“We provide high level of services, just like we would do to our own people”

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Unique care

at the house of companion!


Experienced staff

“We provide high level of services, just like we would do to our own people”

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& health in one place

The house of companion!

Few words about us

The house of companion

The House of companion is operating since 2008 at the foot of snow-covered mountain Falakro, in a smooth and vast area, in a dry and healthy climate, with plenty of sunshine and permanent cool and invigorating air that is coming from narrow of Granitis, with beautiful view of the flatland of Drama, Paggaio and Menoikio. A family business with permanent medical and necessary staff of various specialties that provides with high level services to elderly.

Exemplary care unit

An exemplary Elderly Care Unit, our personal sensitivity to elderly has motivated us to create a ROOF OF LOVE and LIFE for those people who we honour and deserve a decent living of high demands.

Modern facilities

In our modern facilities with perfect hotel infrastructure, supported by experienced medical and nursing staff, our residents enjoy the warmth of a family environment, as well as excellent nutrition, medical care, entertainment, creative activities etc. Our goal is to have a nice long and joyful living at the House of companion!


Hours monitoring


Doctors - physiotherapists


Luxury rooms

we undertake

Specifically we can undertake:

Elderly people (independent or not)

Disabled people

People with mobility problems

People with strokes

Recovering people

Medical Center – Elderly Care Unit


Perfect organization

Inside the house of companion everything works harmonically


Ideal climate and location for the welfare of the elderly


Excellent living and caring conditions of the elderly


Rich and meticulous diet personalized by our nutritionist


Experienced staff which is sufficient for the care of our elderly

Medical Care

Frequent medical examinations, prescription, soothing treatments, physiotherapy


Twenty four hour monitoring by our permanent staff

Memory exercises – Occupational therapy -

Walk with friends
in our beautiful garden

Residence in

House of Companion


Living in the house of companion can be temporary or long-term. All our facilities are of special design so that the elderly residents can enjoy their stay as much as possible, whether it is for a few weeks or for longer periods.

Infirmary – Physiotherapy room

Spacious living room

Dining room & meals

Everyday care & Hygiene

Luxurious accommodation

We offer hospitality in our stylish rooms for one person, two people with internal alert system, private shower, TV, flatland view or mountain and heat- refrigeration

See photos here
of our facilities

Dimitra Giakozidou


I chose to live permanently at the house of companion, although I had my doubts in the beginning as for what I will face, after 4 years I can say that my life has a meaning and the care that I deserve.

Ioanna Papadopoulou

Civil servant

My father is at the house of companion. I was a little hesitant at first but due to my work at the Capital it was impossible for me to help him from so far away. The hospitality at the house of companion is truly five stars!

News & Announcements


Συμβουλές για ηλικιωμένους

Οι πτώσεις στους ανθρώπους της Τρίτης Ηλικίας αποτελούν ένα σημαντικό πρόβλημα λόγω της συχνότητάς τους. Με την πρόληψη των πτώσεων βελτιώνουμε σημαντικά την υγεία και την ποιότητα ζωής και περιορίζουμε το υγειονομικό κόστος, που αυτές…


Άτομα με ειδικές ανάγκες

Εδώ μπορούμε να δίνουμε μια περιγραφή για το τι γίνεται στο σπίτι της συντροφιάς σχετικά με τα άτομα με ειδικές ανάγκες. Ποιος ο τρόπος και η φροντίδα ως προς αυτή την ομάδα ανθρώπων; Ποιο είναι…


Ιατρικό προσωπικό

Εδώ μπορούμε να κάνουμε μια περιγραφή για το μόνιμο και έκτακτο προσωπικό που υπάρχει στο σπίτι της συντροφιάς. Από πόσα άτομα απαρτίζεται το μόνιμο προσωπικό και τι ειδικότητες. Ακόμα θα μπορούσαμε να αναφέρουμε το τι…

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